Hello Citizens!

I am Mel Rumsey.

Note: The glasses DO protect my identity... They are magic.

About Me
I am a techie and a trekkie to the core.
I have always been interested in technology. When I was 16, I wanted to build my very own gaming computer from scratch. I gathered all of the parts and watched video tutorials on how to put it together and make it work. After it was up and running, I spent far too many hours playing World of Warcraft and Need for Speed. I used problem solving skills on any issues that arose with my PC. This taught me that we DO have all of the answers right in front of us. We just have to know what questions to ask and where to ask them.

My journey to game development and learning to code has been a very long and winding road. I have always been a learning enthusiast, but not traditional learning. Sitting in a classroom bored me to tears, but give me a computer, some books, a notebook and pencil, and a little bit of time and I can learn anything. Up until 2020, I was pursuing a career in photography. I wandered around capturing bugs and people with my camera 'til I found a fun job as a product photographer at a largely popular auction gallery. I captured over a thousand photos a month of various items from small coins and jewelry, to pianos, cars, and large furniture.

I decided that it was time to learn a new skill. I took to coding very quickly and created several rockin' websites and video games. I am now freelancing my services to Startups, Women/Queer Owned Businesses, small businesses and more. I provide graphic design, product photography and web, game and sofware development all through one convenient hero who wants to see your business thrive.
I Am The Non-Binary Dev!
Visit my CodePen to see some fun projects that I am working on!
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"It's a nerd!"
"It's a brain!"
"It's The Non-Binary Dev!"

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